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  • Larry & Connie Hasmatali
    Larry & Connie Hasmatali WC Administrative Bishop

    Larry and Connie live in the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and have two adult children, Brandon and Maddison. Since 1996, Larry has served as the Lead Pastor of the Church of God-Moose Jaw, and in 2013, he was also appointed as the Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Western Canada. Larry is passionate about pastoring, planting churches, helping established churches thrive, and assisting pastors & those in ministry think through leadership, strategy, and life. Connie ministers out of a compassionate heart and blesses others with her musical gifts on the worship team at their local assembly. They praise God as they celebrate more than 20 years of ministry. Larry is honored to serve as the Western Canada Administrative Bishop & Lead Pastor of COG-Moose Jaw and Connie as Western Canada Women’s Discipleship Director.

  • Connie Hasmatali
    Connie Hasmatali WC Women's Discipleship Director
  • John Morris
    John Morris WC Regional Council
  • John Banguis
    John Banguis BC Dictrict Overseer
    WC Regional Council
  • Elmer Dueck
    Elmer Dueck AB North District Overseer
  • Calvon Watson
    Calvon Watson WC Regional Council
  • Joel Goodnough
    Joel Goodnough AB South District Overseer
  • Calvert Layne
    Calvert Layne CAD National Executive Council
    MB District Overseer
    WC Regional Council
  • Dr. Dave Manley
    Dr. Dave Manley CAD National Executive Council
    WC Regional Council
  • Geoff Thiessen
    Geoff Thiessen WC Regional Council
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