Church Planting

Our primary mission is to plant new churches and revitalize our existing ones. Church planting is a powerful tool for the mission of the Gospel that allows our leaders to overcome challenges through innovation & entrepreneurship to engage both the urban and rural Canadian marketplaces. 


Our 5-Key Strategy

  1. Establishing Regional Prayer Teams
  2. Assembling Launch Teams
  3. Selecting Strategic Locations
  4. Providing Financial Assistance
  5. Supplying On-going Training


Church Plants

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Saskatchewan

19 churches

  • Calgary, AB

    Church Of God East Indian Christian Fellowship

    102, 208 - 8th Ave NE
    Calgary, AB  T2A 2P7

    Pastor:  Eldho Mappalail

    v: (403) 464-4184

    SUN 8:30 AM

  • Calgary, AB

    Firstfruits Church Of God

    636 Marlborough Way NE
    Calgary, AB  T2A 2V9

    Pastor:  Romulo Berina Jr

    v: (587) 439-4681

    SUN 1:00 PM

  • Calgary, AB

    Iglesia De Dios La Senda Antigua

    3003 - 28st SE
    Calgary, AB  T2B 3V4

    Pastor:  Raul Solano

    v: (780) 200-0234

    SUN 5:00 PM

  • Calgary, AB

    Living Faith Community Church Of God

    14902 - 1st St NE, Livingston Community
    Calgary, AB  T3P 1A9

    Pastor:  Jason Martin

    v: (587) 664-9365

    SUN 10:00 AM

  • Edmonton, AB

    Eden Garden Christian Family Church Of God

    12320 Mount Lawn Rd NW
    Edmonton, AB  T5B 4J4

    Pastor:  Jean-Marie Ndayishimiye

    v: (780) 863-9756

    SUN 7:00 PM

  • Edmonton, AB

    Headway Christian Church

    12320 Mnt Lawn Rd NW
    Edmonton, AB  T5B 4J4

    Pastor:  Wayne Dela Cruz

    v: (780) 938-0303

    SAT 7:00 PM

  • Edmonton, AB

    Life Fellowship Church

    12706 - 123 ST NW
    Edmonton, AB  T5L 0J1

    Pastor:  Sachin Mathew

    v: (780) 902-1737

    SUN 3:00 PM

  • Red Deer, AB

    Red Deer New Hope Church Of God

    20 Kelloway Crescent
    Red Deer, AB  T4P 3S1

    Pastor:  Alfonso Munguia

    v: (780) 238-2626

    SUN 5:00 PM

  • Westlock, AB

    Westlock Church Of God

    10148 - 104 St
    Westlock, AB  T7P 1V5

    Pastor:  Pierre Mercado

    v: (780) 695-5401

    SUN 2:00 PM

  • Langley, BC

    El Camino Church Of God

    19533 - 64th Avenue
    Langley, BC  V3S 4J3

    Pastor:  Jorge Garcia

    v: (778) 861-0710

    SAT 6:30 PM

  • Maple Ridge, BC

    Glory Mission Church

    416, 12085 - 228th Street
    Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 6M2

    Pastor:  Sang Mun Lee

    v: (604) 897-5270

    SUN 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM

  • Surrey, BC

    Monte De Sion

    10330 -144th St
    Surrey, BC  V3T 4V3

    Pastor:  Eduardo Receno

    v: (778) 882-4310

    SUN 3:30 PM

  • Vernon, BC

    Iglesia De Dios Vernon

    5208 Burton Rd
    Vernon, BC 

    Pastor:  Samuel Sales

    v: (250) 938-5641

  • Winnipeg, MB

    Crossover Church

    621 College Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB  R2W 1N3

    Pastor:  Andy Capesinio

    v: (204) 294-2173

    SUN 10:30 AM

  • Winnipeg, MB

    New Life In Christ

    581 Inkster Blvd
    Winnipeg, MB  R2W 0L1

    Pastor:  Earon Hilarde

    v: (204) 990-8714

    SUN 11:00 AM

  • Moose Jaw, SK

    Iglesia De Dios Casa De Gloria

    401 Trinity Lane
    Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 0E3
    COG South Hill Campus Chapel

    Pastor:  Marvin Garcia

    v: (306) 630-4326

    SUN 2:00 PM

  • Piapot, SK

    Remnant Church Cypress Hills

    Piapot, SK 

    Pastor:  Gillian Rosenberg

    v: (306) 491-4048

  • Prince Albert, SK

    Church Of God - Prince Albert

    2200 - 15th Ave East
    Prince Albert, SK  S6V 8E6

    Pastor:  Changsub Kim

    v: (306) 941-0557

    SUN 2:00 PM

  • Saskatoon, SK

    Iglesia De Dios Saskatoon

    1339 Ave D North
    Saskatoon, SK  S7L 1P2

    Lead Pastor:  Hilo Blanco

    v: (306) 881-7291

    SUN 6:00 PM